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Giant Inflatable Twister

One of your favourite multi player games is now transformed to this giant 16ft inflatable twister game!

Big enough for up to 12 players. A new dimension to this classic game, as the players all try to place their hand or foot on the correct colour spot. Game includes large spin wheel which is used to select the next colour position for the current player.

Can be used by adults or children. This game is also fantastic fun for the spectators to watch, as they watch the players contort and twist their bodies into position! The players have a few simple rules to follow, their hands or feet only can be used on their colour spot and they must remain in that position. Any moving hands/feet to a different colour spot, using other body parts or falling over, then they are out! The winner is the last player standing (or whatever position they end up in!)




Great fun for adults and children

The "twist" to this game is that its played on a large soft bouncy inflatable, this coupled with the larger number of players makes it a very entertaining and unusual addition to your party. !



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