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Sumo Suits

Slip into a Sumo Suit and square up to your opponent. Imagine being able to belly flop onto your friend in a totally safe and fun way. Never has wrestling been so safe yet so amusing.

Our Super Sumo suits are guaranteed to get everyone laughing. Both competitors put on the fat suits and then face each other on the matt. The rules are whoever steps outside the ring or touches the ground with anything except their feet loses. Watch them trying to push their opponent over, or getting them to go outside the ring to win. Watching as the winner does a victory waddle.

Available in kids and adults size costumes. We will drop them off, give you instructions and then collect. Fantastic fun and very entertaining.



Country and Western themed Sumo suits



Cowboy and indian themed sumo suits now available!

Great to add to your country and western themed party. One suit is the sheriff and the other is the indian. Complete with fantastic head gear and safety mat.

Hire these with the rodeo bull to really enhance your party








Gladiator duel

Very popular for both adults, children and the spectators. You stand facing your opponent on podiums over an inflatable bed. Contestants must try and joust each other off, using specially padded jousting sticks. The Best of 3 knockdowns WINS!

It may look easy but it takes a good balance to be the winner.The crowd will shout encouragement and want to do better themselves. Gladiator duel offers fantastic entertainment for spectators as well as players.

Bungee Run

How far can you run along the 36foot long track? Great for competitions and "head to head" challenges. The winner will be the participant who places the Velcro Batten the furthest along the inflatable channel.

But its not that easy; because just when you think you are going to get all the way to the end, the Bungee cord will send you flying all the way back to the start! Great for adults or kids.

Requires an area:

40Foot Length

14Foot width



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