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Snow machine - From £75

Why not hire our amazing snow machine to fill your venue with a realistic looking snow!


We will come along and setup the machine for you. It will be mounted on secure rigging and can either be set to run all night or on a timer in bursts.

The machine generates realistic looking snow effect. This settles on the floor and does build up in small clumps. Eventually it will dissolve away leaving no residue or marks

  The machine can be used inside or outside (as long as the conditions are dry, it cannot be used in rain). Please be aware that if being used inside the floor area below the machine could become slippy, so it is best to be pointed onto an area that people will not walk over. If required we can supply matting and include an operator to monitor the machine and keep it filled with snow fluid for the duration of your party. The machine does include enough fluid for up to 3 hours use.  

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