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www.PartyFunHire.com is the online home for Party & Event Hire Limited.

What areas do you cover?
We mainly cover Kent, Essex and London although we do take bookings from much further afield, why not give us a call and see if we can accommodate you.

How do we bookup & Pay?
A deposit is required to secure any booking, then when we arrive at the event we will require the rest of the payment in cash prior to setting up. Deposits can be taken as cheque, credit card/debit card through our online payment page or over the telephone.

Privacy Policy: We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

How much notice is required to book?
We prefer as much notice as possible, especially if your event is during the weekend, however we are able to take short notice bookings subject to availability.

How much do you charge?
Our prices are very competitive and possibly the lowest in Kent. We have recently added some guide prices on our website, be aware there are many factors that affect the price, including length of hire, location and date. Please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote. We will also try and beat any other genuine quote you may have received.

What if I need to cancel?
If you have to cancel any booking for any reason the following terms apply: More than 30 days notice before your event then any deposit is returned as a voucher for our services. Less than 30 days and you will lose any deposit paid. If you cancel on the day and do not notify us before we attend then the full payment will be due. If you want to cancel due to bad weather and inform us before we attend then you will only lose the deposit ( or speak to us about our weather voucher)

What about the weather?
Unfortunately we cannot control the weather, and whilst some of our attractions may be useable in the rain, others maybe unsafe and unusable. If you inform us on the day before we leave for your function then you will only lose your deposit. If you cancel when we have arrived at your function then the full payment will be due.

What happens when you arrive?
Depending on what service you are booking we generally arrive around 30-60 minutes before the agreed start time and then we will discuss with you on where the equipment is going to be setup. Some of our services will include an operator who will stay for the night and run the equipment for your guests during the event ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment. Other services are dry hire, which means we will simply deliver it to you and then you will need to operate and supervise it yourself. In this case a disclaimer may need to be signed.
See our terms and conditions below.

What time can I hire you till?
We can finish whenever you wish, but please remember that depending on what you have booked it can take us up to an hour to pack away, as such if you need to be out of your venue by a certain time then this needs to be considered. Also some of our equipment is large and bulky and space may need to be made, guests asked to move etc during packaway.

Are you insured?
Yes we have 5 million pounds public liability insurance cover for our kids rodeo simulator and surf simulator. The photo booths are covered by 1 million pounds liability. Please contact us for further clarification.

Do I need to provide power?
Most of our services require a standard 13amp household power socket within 25 metres of the location of hire. If your event is outside and not near a power source then please check with us to determine if a generator is required.

What about your equipment?
All our equipment is yearly checked and PAT tested.

What about your Service?
We take great pride in our service, we make sure your evening will be safe and enjoyable as possible. Our staff are friendly and reliable and we will make sure your event is a success.


Terms and conditions of hire for Party & Event Hire Limited

For all dry hires (no operator/supervisor is supplied by us) a disclaimer will need to be signed.

A single 13amp power socket is required. This should not have any other device attached to it. If other devices are connected (e.g bouncy castles, music etc) then this could overload the circuit and trip the circuit or risk causing a fire. If you choose to supply us with a generator then a Min 6.9KVA generator is required.
ACCESS & AREA REQUIRED To be able to offer you the best price a single operator will normally arrive and setup the surf. We require that there be sufficient parking space to unload close (less than 15metres) to the place of hire. The heavy base (60kg) fits through a standard single doorway- Please ensure you check you have this access down any alleys, gates etc and that no obstacles are in the path- including drain pipes, bins, bikes, guttering, window ledges etc. If the operator on the day is unable to fit the base due to restricted access then he will not be able to proceed. The inflatable base is 15ft diameter and we require an area 18ft diameter to operate the ride. Indoor functions require a minimum of 9ftheight. Please ensure this is checked and that there are no light fittings, pipes etc which reduce the actual height of the area where the bull will be situated. It is very difficult to move the heavy motion base over steps. You MUST advise us of any steps before the event. If there are a significant number of steps or the height of the steps is too great then a second operator will need to attend the setup and this will attract an additional charge of £50.
PACKING AWAY. We do require clear access when packing away, guests may need to move to other areas to allow us to move the equipment. NB – We are still happy to help for functions where the distance may be further, or there are a lot of steps, very narrow access, but in these cases we may require willing volunteers or alternatively a 2nd operator can be sent for an additional charge of £50.
CANCELLATIONS A deposit is required to secure the date. The deposit needs to be returned to us within 7 days of your provisional booking to ensure the date is secured. If you cancel with less than 30 days notice then you will lose your deposit. If you provide more than 30 days notice then you will be issued with a voucher to the value of your deposit for use with any of our other services. In extreme weather conditions we may need to cancel all or part of your function. If the weather is extremely bad then we reserve the right to cancel the function and you will be issued with a voucher to the value of your deposit for use with any of our other services. In the event that a hire is started and part way through the weather turns extremely bad then we may need to terminate the hire before the end of the period. If this happens then you only be charged for the hours supplied at a rate of £50 per hour plus any deposit paid. In the very unlikely event of mechanical equipment failure part way through the booking then you will only be charged the deposit.
BALANCE DUE The balance due shown on your booking form is required in cash ONLY on the day. Payment will be asked for when we first arrive at the function and before the hire period starts. Cheques and credit/debit cards cannot be accepted. Due to being let down by others in the past, we must ask for cash payment before the hire commences.




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